What to prepare before the arrival of my baby ?

Your pregnancy is coming to an end, thanks to close medical supervision, and the support of your family, everything is going well, but you are waiting for the arrival of your baby
Childbirth, you think about it with anguish, fear of pain
The birth of your baby is your greatest joy, but it can be the source of real difficulties, because it is not easy to know how to face new problems that will come to you
The following recommendations will help prevent and overcome them

What to prepare before delivery of the baby ?

Baby’s space : 

The first thing think to arrange the room of the baby on a plan of security:
Avoid furniture with sharp corners
Hide the jacks
it is necessary to maintain a temperature of around 18 degrees
A bed that can hold up to 2 years (deep enough)
Do not buy pillow, babies do not need, they can sleep flat

The necessary for a baby:

Buy only the bare essentials and most of this baby will need the first time, here is an indicative list:

For his toilet and bath:

A small bathtub
brush a silk hair
cotton and compresses
Sweet almond oil
To flavor it you can use just the alcohol free cologne
Warning no alcoholic product
Soap and shampoo ph neutral for baby

The diet:

3  baby bottles
Brush to wash baby bottles
a sterilizer to boil baby bottles
do not buy milk, the pediatrician will recommend the one that is best for your baby

Baby clothes:

The baby is going to grow a lot the first months, so do not buy a lot of clothes
you need: 6 brass or wool braids; 6 latches; 3 bibs; holding outings
especially think to adapt the clothes to the season and the outside temperature

New life of the baby:

How to take care of him? how to nurture it?

The sleep :
A newborn baby sleeps hugely, do not worry
The periods of awakening will require his hunger, it is to eat: about 7 times a day
To lay a newborn baby the simplest solution and to put it in this position: to put flat stomach, without pillow
a position on which babies feel very well

Toilets of babies:
Before the omblical cord falls: just wash it carefully with cotton and little soap water
But after about two weeks a little near, it is possible to give a bath to the baby
The temperature of the bath water must vary between 35 and 36 degrees
wash your baby with a natural soap
you can cut his nails with round-toed scissors

Meals :
the baby will eat seven times a day and once at night
mother’s milk remains the best composition adapted to feeding the newborn

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