Incredible and easy usages of vaseline!

Vaseline, a product that is always disposable to everyone! Little do you know it has a lot of benifits to our health and our beauty!

Vaseline is a natural product with zero risk of usage! And it has a lot of benifits that we would never suspect from it!

in this article we will show some usages of vaseline!

Here a few of them:

1-Hydrate/Make your skin shinier:     

 applying some vaseline on several parts of your face can give a smooth and glowing effect on it!

2-help with minor burns:

   applying vaseline on minor burns can help it heal faster!

3-prevent unwanted tans:     

applying vaseline as sun screen or applying it before sunscreen can help prevent burns and unwanted tans!   

4-softing lips:   

applying vaseline on your lips is a good way to keep them smooth and glowy! If you want to know more about soft lips click here!         



you can use vaseline to clean clothes, makeup,and stains.Just apply it to the stains, wash it off and wait for a little bit! to know more about cleaning tips click here!


you can apply it to troubled areas on your skin and watch them heal and recover. Not will it do that but also hydrate it!

7-remove a stuck ring:       

we all had that moment where we had a stuck ring and can’t seem to get it out. just apply a layer of vaseline over it and it will get out easily!

8-heal small cuts:           

if you ever had a small paper cut or accidentaly cut yourself with a knife? add in vaseline to that cut and it should make it better!

9-putting ear rings:   

if for some reason you’re facing troubles with putting on your ear rings try to add vaseline. It will make the task much easier!

10-help unplug a stuffy nose:   

if you’re ever dealing with an annoying sore nose, try to put some vaseline over it! the sent will make your nose feel much better!

11-help your hair:   

If you have problems with dry tips and split hair, then you should apply a little Vaseline on them and your problem is solved!

12-helps make your feet nice and soft:       

apply vaseline to your feet before going to sleep. Wake up with beautiful and soft feet!

additional usages of vaseline:

13-cleaning shoes:   

apply vaseline to a peace of tissu and clean your shoes for a nice and shinny effect of them!

14-protect fresh tattos:     

new tattos are usualy very sensitive. keep them hydrated by adding vaseline every few hours!

15-thicking eyebrows:       

you can apply vaseline to your eyebrows to make them thicker or thinner depending on your desires!

16-harden nails:

vaseline can also be used to harden nails and make them more stronger! Gives them more shine and additional glow!

17-treat acne:

vaseline, as we already know, has a lot of beauty properties, one of them being anti-bacterial! you can proceed by applying vaseline onto your face to get rid of annoying acne and be left with a shinny face with glowy skin!

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