How to naturally treat the bad smell of vaginal discharge

All women have vaginal discharge.
Vaginal discharge is an integral part of female intimacy
This is a natural, sometimes very boring process that addresses many of the health needs of the vagina, such as cleaning and moisturizing the vagina
and they create a protective barrier to fight and prevent different types of infections.
The main reason we have to keep everything in balance
it is because the vaginal discharge acts as a protector of the intimate area, preventing the development of infections or fungi, is also a necessity to maintain intimate lubricating relationships.

Vaginal discharge is usually a small amount of clear, white or yellowish substance that can increase during your ovulation days.
It is normal for the amount, color and texture of vaginal discharge to vary from one woman to another, but it depends on the hormonal changes and how your vaginal glands work to transport this fluid outward.
Some women struggle to stop the increase in vaginal discharge, mainly caused by uterine infections, stress, fungal infections
Any change in the amount and color of your losses can be a sign of vaginal infection.
If you do not want to take medication, you can treat your vaginal discharge naturally with these home remedies.
try them

The infusion of Fenugreek :

it is an effective remedy for controlling odor and excessive vaginal discharge
it is a plant with incredible medicinal properties.
It is widely used by women because it promotes hormonal balance and the menstrual cycle.
The preparation
you’ll need :
1 tablespoon fenugreek seeds (10 g)
1 cup of water (200 ml)
Pass the seeds of fenugreek in a mortar to reduce them to powder, or mix in a blender
Put a glass of water to a boil, then pour it on the seeds.
Cover with a lid
let stand for 15 minutes.
Use :
Consume this infusion of fenugreek twice a day for 1 week
you can also use it for vaginal lavage.

Tea tree oil to stop excessive vaginal discharge :

To eliminate odors and vaginal discharge,
use natural tea tree oil diluted in water for vaginal washing.
Mix three to four drops of tea tree oil in water and use to flush the vaginal area.
other method
You can also mix 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil in a small amount of olive oil, dip a pad into the mixture and insert the buffer.
Leave it for an hour.
Wash with tea water every day or several times a week.

Sitz baths against vaginal discharge :

You will need these plants: plantain leaves, whole sage, lavender, rosemary, yarrow. Yarrow is particularly recommended
Make sure the water temperature is equal to that of the body or a little higher.
Use between 150 and 300 ml of water in which you infuse 1 handle or 2 of the chosen plant.
Filter well.
Take these sitz baths from time to time

Guava leaf tea to control odor and excessive vaginal discharge :

Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties
They are effective at fighting menstrual cramps in women and also act as an excellent solution against problems related to excess vaginal secretions.
Pour guava leaves in a saucepan with a liter of water
leave on medium-low heat
Remove it, let it rest
use the liquid to wash the vaginal area.

Natural yogurt to control odor and wastes :

Natural yogurt is one of the best natural remedies for fighting fungi and bacteria that cause vaginal infections.
it is rich in lactobacilli, healthy bacteria that have the ability to regulate vaginal flora.
consume at least half a cup of yogurt every day or you can also use it like this: soak a cotton swab in the product and then apply it directly into the outer parts of the vagina.

Milk And Turmeric to stop vaginal discharge :

This juice of milk and turmeric makes it a simple and effective remedy that eliminates bacteria and yeasts and the vaginal area remains under protection
considered a good treatment for bacterial vaginitis and vaginal dryness.
In a glass of hot milk then brew in a teaspoon of turmeric powder.
drink it

Garlic to stop vaginal discharge :

the most powerful natural antibiotic.
Its properties can eliminate hundreds of viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause infections.
It eliminates the run-off odors caused by yeasts without changing the pH of the vagina.
Crush a clove of garlic and pour over a glass of warm water.
Let stand for 10 minutes and
consume your infusion.

The vaginal discharge is something very normal in women, but especially necessary.
Instead of feeling preoccupied when it slightly stains the underwear
we must also be vigilant when the vagina is completely dry.
Hygiene and healthy habits are very important, but sometimes are not enough when there is an increase in vaginal discharge or the vaginal odor is too strong.
for that there are several natural treatments that can help neutralize to reduce all his troubles

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