How to make cream chantilly anti-cellulite ?

How to make cream chantilly anti-cellulite

Today, I present you several diy Chantilly Recipe (anti cellulite), a silky care for our body to keep skin soft, wonderfully fragrant!
For people who do not know why it is given the nickname of whipped cream is because of its whipped texture, or muddy, even frothy, which melts in contact with the skin and penetrates
Make your own anti-cellulite treatment!
That will allow you to firm up your skin without wasting money on cosmetics , DIY anti-cellulite creams will surely become your new favorite way of taking care of yourself

Here is our collection of 3 easy recipes , affordable and quite luxurious creams that are excellent for removing cellulite.

First recipe cream :

For this recipe you need:
65g of shea butter
35g oily macerate of ivy
30 drops of cypress essential oil
20 drops of essential oil of geranium bourbon or rosat
8 drops of vitamin E for conservation 
Preparation : In a glass bowl: put the shea butter, which you will crush into small pieces. (NOT TO HEAT)
Beat your shea with electric whisk / blender, as if to raise eggs in snow. make it for about 5 minutes,
the time that the texture thickens
Then add the oily macerate of ivy
beat again for 5 minutes.
Then add the essential oils and vitamin E
beat again to mix with the rest of the mixture.

For a better result on your cellulite or on the firmness of your skin it will be necessary to be regular.
I advise you to apply it every night

Second recipe cream :

The ingredients you need:
25g of shea butter
8g of emulsifying wax n ° 1
30g of ivy concentrate extract
10g of concentrated red vine extract
20g of water
5g Bio-remodeling
1.4g of EA from Granada
1.6g of Isocide
The Preparation:
Melt in a glass bowl with a bain-marie: shea butter, emulsifying wax, water
When all the wax has melted and the mixture is homogeneous
Take the bowl out of the bain-marie
mix with the mini-whisk when you notice a color change add drops of ivy extract and red vine extract.
Mix the preparation with an electric whisk (turn the egg whites into snow). add bio-remodeling and isocide.
whip preparation with breaks: mix for 2 minutes, pause for 5 minutes to 4 times
Pour the preparation into a jar, let stand 24 hours

Chantilly Monoi recipe : 

Chantilly penetrates without sticky effect on the skin.
The ingredients we need
20g of organic cocoa butter
30g of biological Monoï macerate
12g of a vegetable oil you have the choice between (sweet almond, sunflower, jojoba).
3 drops of vitamin E
The preparation
Put the cocoa butter + monoi in a bowl
put the bowl in a saucepan and let it melt in a bain-marie over low heat.
Remove from the bain-marie and let cool
beat when the mixture starts to solidify, for 5 minutes
Continue beating by adding the oil of your choice and vitamin E, for 5 minutes

Cellulite reduction, anti-cellulite creams will surely become your new favorite way to take care of yourself and improve your appearance.
effective and timely care that will leave you with lasting results
With these recipes, it will be easy to get rid of cellulite, easy to use, based on natural ingredients and 100% natural
Do you know of other ingredients or recipes that work against cellulite?

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